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Why should Iloilo be a New Wonder City of the World?

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Iloilo City

Iloilo City a progressive metropolis at the heart of the Philippines is at the crossroads. The city had seen its ups and downs, but never had it been this exciting at our city. We are moving forward and we are roaring back. Support Iloilo City in its bid to become a New Wonder City of the World.

Iloilo City

But first, why should Iloilo City deserve your vote?

Iloilo History

We are a city with a unique story. Iloilo City, a community along a beautiful river, has a story that is to be retold for generations. Back in the late 19th Century, it was a boom town, but a very sweet one. It was a true cosmopolitan city making trade with the world with bountiful produce of sugar and textile. Foreigners flocked our shores for business opportunities, while governments established consulates in this city. Iloilo City was a jewel in the crown of Spain’s monarch that it was named as the “The Most Loyal and Noble City”.

But the good times waned in the middle of the twentieth century. Our ports were empty, foreigners and the elite moved their business elsewhere, and the Queen went to sleep under labor unrest, corruption, and drain in its human resources.

Forward to 21st Century. The Queen City of the South is now awakened. Her people are laboriously aiming to regain the glory that was lost and surpass the good old days. Her children are dreaming once again of a prosperous and progressive metropolis.  Today, Iloilo City is a metro unafraid of the future. The best of times is yet to come to the Queen City of the South.

We are a city of the past and of the future.

Iloilo heritage

In the height of the sugar boom, Iloilo City was the center of commerce, culture and education in this part of Asia. Students have the best instruction; the economy was so good that it was able to support the luxurious lifestyle of the elite; the infrastructure, mansions, and buildings were the envy of other cities.

Today, Iloilo City is a city of the future. We are looking to make our metropolis a premiere city by 2015 or even earlier. Surely, there are challenges in our city – high cost of electricity, mismanaged utilities, to name a few. But in solving our problems, our city is strengthened and we’re getting better. With a new breed of political, industry, and business leaders, we are fast gaining ground in our aspirations.

A perfect example is our beautiful river – a new eco-tourism destination within a busy metropolis, an icon of our city’s dreams to be world-class coupled with a perspective that is pro-nature and with sustainability. Balancing environment and progress is a call of our city.


We are a city once again caring for our tarnished jewels of heritage. We are proud of our city’s history and maintaining it for generations to come.

Iloilo City buildings

We are a city of dreams and aspirations. Ilonggos are once again aiming to soar high. Young Ilonggos are now engaged in making our city working again. We have a young breed of successful entrepreneurs working to provide better life to their fellow Ilonggos.


We are a city of wonderful people. Our city is inhabited with great people. We are flexible, adaptive, innovative, and at same time hospitable and caring. Our creativity is everywhere.

Our festivals are world-class and are a living proof our vibrant culture. Dinagyang and the Paraw Regatta Festivals are in the Hall of Fame, not to mention the almost hundred more in our province!

We love food and it shows in our unique delightful delicacies. Our love and creativity are our daily staples.

We are true city of the world. Koreans go to our universities to learn. The Chinese are doing business in our city. We have the most beautiful old Catholic churches; but our city has Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Taoists. A melting pot of culture and heritage – that is Iloilo City!

Definitely a good place to be – Iloilo City – Vote now and support our bid to become a New Wonder City of the World!

How? Check out http://www.new7wonders.com/cities/en and select Iloilo City and six other urban centers, enter the characters shown in the image, enter your email address, agree to the terms and conditions, and click submit to confirm your votes. Don’t forget to spread the word and campaign for Iloilo City!

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  • Alfred Adrian P. Chavez says:

    True indeed! This is for everyone of us to know more about what Iloilo can offer to the world. It is just a matter of working together hand in hand… Rest assured of my support for this cause…

  • Vic says:

    Hello Mark
    You know people deride us when we always say we are the Queen City of the South because we supported Spain rather than the Local Katipunero.
    The decision was wise in fact , since. After Spain surrendered Manila to Tagalog Republic , America who has long been watching is reach to engulf Luzon and summarily killed people there in Manila. So Spain made Iloilo as its Capital since many Elite in Iloilo City are broad minded about Spain and fair in judgement since they knew Spain worked tremendously to make Philippines as 2nd most richest Nation in whole of Asia in 1800’s…taglog people did not like the slapping of Spanish…. They want the torture of americans…

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