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Metro Iloilo Development Updates: The Roll Call

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Indeed, the majestic Queen City of the South – Iloilo City and her neighboring towns are in development frenzy. In major urban centers whether in Iloilo City, Oton or other parts of Metro Iloilo, there are public and private infrastructure projects being planned or implemented. From buildings, business parks, restoration efforts, road widening and construction, to power generation and irrigation dams, Iloilo is definitely busy gearing up for its comeback, not only as a premier city, but as one of the fastest growing province in the country.

A lucrative market for investors, a livable community for Filipinos – Iloilo is now taking its rightful place as an economic powerhouse in the country.

Note: Some of these projects were included in the updates in December and February. There may be some redundancies, but the photos speak the latest state of the projects. This may well be called a roll call of some of the projects that are gaining interest and enthusiasm here in Iloilo.

All I can shout is,

“Hala Bira Iloilo! Padayon sa kauswagan!”

Restoration Projects

Heritage and history is part and nature of Iloilo City. Neglected for decades while others were damaged and degraded, heritage sites in Iloilo are now on the spotlight because of the enthusiastic restoration and conservation projects now being implemented in the city. News has it that Iloilo City is now planning to declare itself as a heritage city through local government action. It is worthy to note that Iloilo City is being included in UNESCO candidate list of heritage cities.

Here are some of the sites being restored or repaired as of the moment:

1. Molo Plaza

Perspective of Molo Plaza Rehabilitation Plan

Perspective of Molo Plaza Rehabilitation Plan

Right in front of the historic Church of St. Anne, the Molo Plaza has been a silent witness to the rich history of its district. Years of neglect and poor maintenance has transformed this beautiful plaza into what is prior to the project. Last January, half of the plaza (the one where the Temple of God gazebo is located) was closed to the public for rehabilitation. This month, the enclosure was expanded to include the rest of the plaza (excluding the basketball court).



On recent visit, the pathways or pavement are now replaced, trees are trimmed and the iconic gazebo repaired and repainted. Will they install a replacement for the four statues that once occupied the now emptied pedestals at the gazebo? That’s something to watch out for.

2. Fort San Pedro Sea Wall Restoration


Last February, after decades of promises by our leaders, the repair of the sea wall of the historic Fort San Pedro commenced. On recent visit, the sea wall is now taking shape; most of the metal retention walls are now removed. Some of the breakwaters were also cleared away.


3. Casa Real De Iloilo Restoration

casa real restoration

Started right after the Semana sang Iloilo celebration, the restoration of the old Iloilo Capitol is now making visible changes. Most of the structures that were not originally part of the building were now removed. These include offices, the arched edifice in the entrance, and other elements added in the 1960s. This is a very exciting development as Casa Real De Iloilo is one of the oldest capitols in the Philippines.


4. Calle Real Heritage Buildings Restoration Efforts


These projects have been featured several times in this site. The most recent project, the Villanueva Building, also known as the International House, is now being restored. I’m very excited to see more heritage buildings at the historic Calle Real be restored to their former glory.

5. Jaro Belfry Restoration

Jaro Belfry

The iconic Jaro Belfry is also up for restoration after the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) has allocated P5million fund for the project. The bell tower was constructed during the time of Fray Ilanos in 1826-1837. It was ruined by a 1948 magnitude 8.6 earthquake and restored by the city government in the 1990s. The Jaro Belfry is now in poor shape, badly needing repair and renovation to return it to its stately form. The tourism office of Iloilo City has now formed a task force to oversee the project.

Low and Mid Rise Constructions

Several low and mid-rise buildings are now constructed or renovated in the city. From Jaro to Molo, these buildings are now sprouting like mushrooms.

1. Commonwealth Insurance Building


The new site of the Commonwealth Insurance is expected to rise at Kapideco estate at Barangay San Rafael, Mandurriao. Construction is still about to start while a tarpaulin is now erected to announce the upcoming project. Commonwealth Insurance Company (CIC) was established in 1935 by Don Andres Soriano, who also founded San Miguel Brewery. CIC is one of the most experienced non-life insurance company in the Philippines. It is today, one of the respected and recognized leader in the insurance industry.

2. Buildings at Timawa

These are photos of building being renovated or constructed at Timawa in Molo, near the Iloilo Doctors Hospital.



3. Multipurpose Building at Alta Tierra

A three-storey commercial / apartment building is now also being constructed at Phase IV of Alta Tierra Subdivision at Jaro.



4. Building Construction near Jaro Plaza

For months now, these enclosure at Lopez Jaena Street corner El 98 had been very busy. Details of this project is soon to be revealed as well.


5. Construction sites at Smallville Complex:

smallville-complex 2

here’s one…

smallville-complex 1

and another one… (just a few meters away)

Plus: A new construction project beside the Iloilo City Police District and PECO Office, in front of University of San Agustin:


Iloilo City Hall Inauguration


The imposing seven-storey is now ready for turnover and will be inaugurated this June 2012. The building, one of the greenest city halls in the country, has a garden at the roof deck and is half-powered with solar electricity. President Benigno Aquino III is expected to inaugurate the new city hall.


1. Iloilo Community College Inauguration

Iloilo City Community College

Another project of the local government, the Iloilo Community College, will also be inaugurated just in time for the opening of the new school year. The P30-M four-storey ICCC is set for a grand launching on June 14 to be witnessed by its pioneer students. The first day of classes is scheduled on June 13. The green-colored building is equipped with school administration offices, 17 classrooms, 150-seater library, audio-visual room, 50-seater computer laboratory and clinic. The building was donated by Ilonggo billionaire, Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

2. St. Robert’s International Academy


St. Robert’s International Academy has now formally announced its plans to erect a new campus at Kapideco Estate in Mandurriao. The new campus will feature a full e-learning environment using tablets instead of books. Expected to include an audience hall, the school will also present major productions and regular recitals. The Smallville campus is expected to open next year.

Housing and Condominium Projects

1. Eagle Crest Condominium


Eagle Crest Condominium is a four-storey building soon to rise at Mission Road extension, Brgy. San Nicolas, La Paz, Iloilo City. Its amenities will include a multi-purpose hall, a laundry shop, a gym, convenience store and parking spaces. It will be equipped with CCTV cameras, an elevator, and a ready generator set.


2. Princeworld at Aurora Subdivision

prince condo residences

3. Injap Tower Condotel

Injap Tower

Also previously featured in this site is the construction of the 21 storey Injap Tower Condotel right in front of SM City. Expected for completion on December 2013, this skyscraper shall definitely change the skyline of Iloilo City. As of latest visit, ground preparation is still on-going.


4. Uptown Place

Another Injap project, the Uptown Place is a mixed residential and commercial building taking advantage of the scenic Iloilo River. See project here.

INJAP Land Iloilo

Hotels and Pension House

1. Go Hotels and Robinsons Iloilo Expansion

robinsons expansion go hotels iloilo

Strengthening the presence of Robinsons Land in the region is the expansion of Robinsons Place Iloilo. Slated for completion on 2013, the mall’s new 6-level building is now being constructed at the area of the Ledesma car park. It will be able to accommodate 75 new tenants with over 3,500 square meters of retail space.


Part of expansion is the addition of Go Hotels – a four level tourist center that will carry the brand’s unique pricing concept and the same hotel and room features. The hotel is expected to contain 150 quality rooms equipped with rainshower and handheld shower, LCD TV, and Wi-fi access. Its proximity to the major landmarks in the city is a big factor in its choice of venue.

2. Diversion 21 Hotel


Now adding to the list of hotels having “21” in their names, the Diversion 21 Hotel at Diversion road is now swiftly taking shape. With the project started last December 2011, two floors of the hotel is now completely visible. As seen on the official render of the project, the hotel is expected to have eight floors. More details of the hotel soon to be revealed as well.


3. Pension House in Delgado Street

Another pension house is now being constructed at Delgado street. Construction started last November 2011.


4. Western Visayas College of Science and Technology  Hometel


Tourism Related Projects

1. International Flights to be served at Iloilo International

A good news for Iloilo! Iloilo Airport, which I’ll fondly call “Iloilo International”, is now expected to cater direct international flights to and from Hong Kong and Singapore according to Department of Tourism Region 6. Helen Catalbas of DOT Region 6 disclosed that Cebu Pacific airlines already signified intention of having regular flights from Iloilo to Hong Kong every other day with four flights every week. While Iloilo to Singapore will be held three flights a week as the airlines also include and expand flights from Iloilo to Puerto Princesa, Palawan. DOT Chief Ramon Jimenez Jr. will soon declare the Iloilo Airport as a gateway of Western Visayas in opening up Iloilo and the rest of Panay Island to international visitors with tourism as the major focus.

2. DOT Plans

Another good news coming from the Tourism Department! DOT regional office in Iloilo City has identified six major flagship projects for a five-year period in Western Visayas that covers some P100 billion in government and private sector tourism investments. This will include:

  • Experience Western Visayas Firsts campaign in 2012-2016 with a budget cost of P2 million per year to be led by DOT, LGUs and the private sector
  • The Iloilo River Cruise in Iloilo City will have an initial budget of P5.4 million that will cover product development. Investment promotion, cruise boat prototype, tour packaging, launching, operationalization and market to be led by DOT, private sector and TIEZA.
  • The Iloilo International Convention Hotel with 500 rooms and 5,000 convention hall capacity has a feasibility study costing P500, 000 in 2013 by DOT.
  • The Western Visayas International Sports Fishing competition is proposed in the second quarter of 2013 with a budget cost of P2 million to be led by DOT, TPB, LGU and the private sector.

Shopping Malls

1. Gaisano Capital Oton


A testament to the growing lucrative market at Oton is the soon to be opened Gaisano Capital in the town. With construction started late last year, the new mall is now almost ready to open its doors to Ogtonganons and visitors from its neighboring towns. It is important to note that Oton is one of the richest municipalities in the province and is expected to be a residential and industrial center owing to its close proximity in the city and its dynamic local government leadership.

2. GT Plaza Molo


The people of Molo will soon have a new place to hang-out – the GT Plaza. With its strategic location, the new shopping and dining venue boasts its large open spaces and its modern design. The GT Plaza will also include a Robinson Supermarket at its ground floor.


Power Generation

1. Concepcion Power Plant

In response to the call of the government for private sector investments in power generation in order to address the urgent and growing requirement for power in the country especially in the Visayas region, the DMCI Power Corporation has announced one of its significant projects – the 100MW Coal Fired Power Plant to be put up by DMCI in Concepcion, Iloilo. The project has already secured all the major necessary permits and endorsements for its construction and operation. It is now finalizing its Energy Supply Agreements with the Electric Cooperatives in Panay Island and Guimaras.

2. Wind Energy at Guimaras and San Joaquin

Now green energy is taking hold in Iloilo with new wind energy projects proposed at NEDA. These include a 12 MW in Barotac Nuevo, 12 MW in Dumangas, and a 9 MW at San Joaquin, all proposed by Trans-Asia Renewable Energy Corporation (TAREC) of PHINMA Group.

guimaras Measuring DevicesGuimaras has one of the largest wind energy projects in the region with its construction 54MW-wind farm project in San Lorenzo. Its main components are comprised of 2MW-wind turbine is 64 meters high with a 76 meter diameter of rotor blades. Project estimate cost: Php 1.5 Billion.

The project is also by TAREC. The company transferred its wind measuring devices and facilities to a site in San Lorenzo in the island of Guimaras.  Results of initial wind measurements at the new site during the “high wind” months are very encouraging.  If determined to be feasible, the natural buyer of electricity generated by a San Lorenzo wind farm would be the Guimaras Electric Cooperative (Guimelco), Trans-Asia’s customer for the Guimaras diesel plant.

3. Hydroelectric and Biomass Power Plants

Another on-going project regarding renewable source of energy is the 15 MW Mina Biomass Power plant at Brgy. Cabalabaguan, Mina, Iloilo. The developer is Green Power Panay Philippines, Inc. Another biomass power plant is also expected to be put up at Ajuy (30 MW).

Hydroelectric plants are also expected to be set up at Igbaras (6 MW at Igbulo Bais, 1.7 MW Tumagboc, 1 MW Turao, and 1.2 MW) and at Maasin (2.1 MW at Tigum).

Jalaur River Multi-Purpose Project Phase II

jalaur-river multipurpose project phase 2

JRMP II aims to build a reservoir dam in Calinog, Iloilo, which will be the largest outside Luzon to provide year-round irrigation to 31,840 hectares, including rainfed areas. The project will benefit 24 towns, including Mina and Pototan and others covered by the Jalaur Suague River Irrigation System (JSRIS).

Project Phase II is earmarked to supply 85,000 cubic meters of bulk water as additional water supply in Iloilo City and in the municipalities of Pavia, Oton and Sta. Barbara in the province of Iloilo.

On top of the water supply is the proposed hydroelectric power supply to generate some eight megawatts of electrical power and augment the existing power supply of Iloilo.

President Benigno Aquino is also expected to inaugurate this project on his visit during the 1st Philippine International River Summit. The project is financed by the Korean government, through its Eximbank of Korea, at about P11.2-billion. President Aquino and the Prime Minister of Korea signed a joint agreement last month for the JRMP revival with Korea as the main funder. This project is a revival of the Jalaur Multipurpose Project conceived in 1960.

Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park

The most awaited development in Iloilo real estate is no other than Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park at the old Iloilo airport. With project pegged at almost Php 16 Billion, the IBP shall be the icon of Iloilo City’s development. The Iloilo Business Park will adopt a concept of a mixed use master-planned community in a 54.50 hectare property. It will have BPO offices, hotels, a convention center, commercial and retail centers, skills training center, recreational facilities and a transportation hub, all at the heart of the new growth center in the Visayas. 



During my recent visit, the construction of the 12-storey, 90-room Richmonde Hotel is still on-going. While another BPO tower is also being constructed at the other side of the road (if based on the plans released earlier). Access roads connecting the Megaworld Avenue to the Airport road (before separating to the Q. Abeto street, which shall be termed as Mandurriao Jaro Road) and to the old airport road (right beside the proposed Richmonde Hotel) are almost complete.


Here are some of the project details:

  • 54.5 hectares total land area, the largest IT park yet of publicly-listed Megaworld Corporation
  • P18B investment by Megaworld over the next 10 years
  • P2.5 billion initial investment over the next two years to develop the road network
  • Expected to create 24,000 BPO seats, 200,000 square meters of commercial space, and around 35,000 jobs.
  • A six-lane highway will serve as the main artery running through the entire length of the property
  • Philippine Economic Zone Authority certified (IT) park in January 2010. BPO locators will be entitled to income tax holidays, duty-free importation of office equipment and repatriation of earnings, among others.

Iloilo River Esplanade Project



The Iloilo River Esplanade Project which started last December 2011 is now nearing completion. Though with delays, the project is expected to be also inaugurated by President Benigno Aquino III on his visit this June. The Iloilo River Esplanade Project is a priority project of Senator Franklin Drilon which aims to provide an additional recreational and commercial venue in the area. It will be a prime tourist destination in the city once it is completed.



Medicus Medical Center

medicus medical center iloilo

Also previously featured at this site is the construction of the Medicus Medical Center at Smallville. The new complex is now being built right beside the existing 8-Storey Medicus Health Partners Condo-Clinics. Here are some photos at the site:



In the pipeline:

1. Gaisano Center Iloilo


Another surprise last month was the announcement of the plan to set up Gaisano Center Iloilo – an ambitious Manhattan-like 15-hectare. It will be constructed at West Diversion Road, Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao. The project is envisioned as a mixed-use development of commercial, residential units and offices by mall chain Gaisano Capital and its property developer arm GoldPeach Properties.  Makati-based T. I. Vasquez Architects & Planners Inc. (TVA&P) announced that the project may start on early 2013 or late 2012.


The major feature of the project is the construction of a 30 or 40 storey hotel. The skyscraper will rise on old fishponds site near Dungon creek.

2. Vista Land’s Savannah Masterplan


Though this may be old news, Vista Land will definitely let itself be left behind among the giant development projects in the province. In its annual report, the company unveiled its masterplan of its Savannah community.

According to the company report, “As the grandest urban center in Iloilo, ongoing and future developments include commercial and lifestyle centers, school, church, and even an IT center – making Savannah truly a city within a city for one’s social, cultural, and economic activities.” The masterplan was unveiled on the 10th anniversary of the company’s presence in the province as it looks forward in completing this within another ten years.

 3. University Physicians Medical Center

With the MOA signing held late last year, the University Physicians Medical Center is still in the pipeline. Updates will soon be posted once available. The project is also to be developed by Ayala Land at Barangay San Rafael, Iloilo City.

“Another medical milestone for the University Physicians Medical Center took place last November 11, 2011 for the Panay Medical Ventures, Inc. signed the Memorandum of Agreement to partner with UPMC to establish UPMC — Iloilo. UPMC-Iloilo will be the only Short Stay Specialty Hospital / Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) facility of its kind in the region. It represents the future of healthcare which combines expert care and advanced diagnostics in a pleasant, relaxing environment at affordable cost. Getting better just got better!”

4. One Front Tower

One Front Tower

Also previously featured in this site is the One Front Tower. Still in the pipeline, last I heard, the project is still undergoing clearances from the national and local government. Looking forward to this project also.

5. Unverified projects being planned: Rustan’s in Iloilo, a huge condominium community by Ayala Land (for announcement soon?), and Filinvest coming to Iloilo. 

Definitely Iloilo City is becoming a major investor destination in the country. Local and foreign companies are taking a look at Iloilo now. See what opportunities lie ahead for the Queen City of the South!

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  • Alfred Adrian P. Chavez says:

    I never gotten tired of reading again and again the developments in the Queen City of the South! Iloilo is indeed in frenzy state of economic/geographic facelift. I will never cease thanking Mark for his efforts.

    • Mark Segador says:

      thanks alfred! this is really an exciting moment for Iloilo city and the rest of the province. The Queen City of the South is now roaring back! =)

      • Tadeo says:

        The “Iloilo Miracle” is in the offing!!! The City poised to recoup old glories and the Original Queen City of the South title.
        God gave me the reason to live longer and see my beloved city sprang from prolonged agonizing stagnation.
        Keep it up Mike Segador and Alfred Adrian Chavez.
        Thank you.

  • Panoy says:

    I’m impressed with your comprehensive and detailed list of development updates for our city Mark!

    Keep up the good work and more power!

  • Joanna says:

    Hi. I wanted to ask if there are updates regrading the proposed theme park in Iloilo? Thanks.

  • JollyGypsy says:

    Good Luck Iloilo City, and the whole Island of Panay! And MORE Power to come in the future, and GOD bless!!! 🙂

  • michael says:

    Hi Mark! do you have other detail project of megaworld? are they planning also to put up High rise condominium besides having a Richmond Hotel since I’m looking for a good accommodation when I came back to Iloilo in the future.. thanks for giving us info in regards with the very good infrastructure project in Iloilo..

    • Mark Segador says:

      hi michael! thanks for visiting! As of the moment, Megaworld has not yet announced any residential plans at Iloilo Business Park. Based on their previous announcements, I believe the Iloilo Business Park would be more of commercial and retail space, business outsourcing, and tourism related business (e.g. hotels, dining and shopping strips). But we can’t rule out residential projects in the park as the total area of the above projects cannot even account for 50% of the lot area. So there’ll be plenty of space for high rise condominiums or more.

      Here are the details of the Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park
      The Iloilo Business Park will adopt a concept of a mixed use master-planned community in a 54.50 hectare property in the old airport of Iloilo City. It will have BPO offices, hotels, a convention center, commercial and retail centers, skills training center, recreational facilities and a transportation hub, all at the heart of the new growth center in the Visayas.

      Iloilo Business Park Project Overview

      54.5 hectares total land area, the largest IT park yet of publicly-listed Megaworld Corporation
      P18B investment by Megaworld over the next 10 years
      P2.5 billion initial investment over the next two years to develop the road network
      Expected to create 24,000 BPO seats, 200,000 square meters of commercial space, and around 35,000 jobs.
      A six-lane highway will serve as the main artery running through the entire length of the property
      Philippine Economic Zone Authority certified (IT) park in January 2010. BPO locators will be entitled to income tax holidays, duty-free importation of office equipment and repatriation of earnings, among others.

      Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and Richmonde Tower

      – 12-storey building
      – Hotel component will host 90 guest rooms, which will cater to businessmen and tourists
      – Seventh level amenities deck features play amenities such as a lap pool, children’s pool and fitness center, while the business center on the same level will include meeting rooms and a conference room.
      – Richmonde Tower will occupy the second to sixth floors of the hotel, offering more than 9,000 square meters of prime office space for BPO locators.

      Festive Walk
      – Two kilometers total length, which will be the longest shopping and dining strip in the Philippines
      Initial 200 meter section of the Festival Walk will be opened alongside Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and Richmonde Tower

      Le Grand Richmonde Hotel
      -High-end Hotel counterpart of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo with convention facilities
      -Construction to begin after the completion of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo

      Two Addt’l BPO Towers
      -Five storey twin towers
      -Construction to begin after the completion of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo and Richmonde Tower

      And here’s a major announcement from the city mayor! Ayala Land is planning to construct a mixed residential and commercial complex right beside the Megaworld Project. Plans revealed that it will include several high rise buildings, also surrounded with dining and shopping strips. So if MW will not have condo units inside the business park, there will be Ayala Land’s right at the doorstep. Sources say the project will be unveiled in a month or two, and actual construction to start later this year. Stay tuned for this update!

  • Mark Segador says:

    Here’s an update on Vista Land’s masterplanned city which they christened as “Camella City”

    Camella – Iloilo to be a new ‘city’ soon

    CAMELLA, the biggest home builder in the Visayas, is up for a much brighter and fruitful 2012.

    In Iloilo, in its bid to give the Ilonggos the best of everything, Camella will soon bring in essential amenities closer to homes.

    Sen. Manny Villar, the founder of Camella, vowed to make Savannah, a Camella residential master-planned community encompassing Oton, Pavia and San Miguel in Iloilo, a new city and eventually, make Iloilo again the Queen City of the South.

    “We want this to be different and at the same time similar to Iloilo City. We avoid traffic in the city, so we’re building our own city,” Villar said.

    He furthered that Camella will bring shopping closer to homes, thus they hope to put up at least 5 Camella malls in the country this year. Here in Iloilo, the construction of Camella mall which will rise in an about 6 thousand sq. meters lot area will start within this year.

    And in addition to the school and the world class, FIFA standard football field in Savannah, a church will also be put up soon.

    With the existence soon of new all-important amenities, Villar also considers inviting business processing outsourcing companies in the area hoping to generate jobs among Ilonggos.

    He said that eventually there will be BPOs in Camella here right after the commercial have started.

    On the other hand, Villar believes that Ilonggos being prudent, diligent and industrious deserve the best with the type of housing Camella builds. He added that Camella will put up another 200 homes this year in Savannah, the largest and most successful master-planned community in Western Visayas.

    Savannah is also proud on embarking on a community-wide environment campaign that feature rain water collection to nourish its community’s green spaces and lush landscaping, a zero waste management program with benefits that cascades down to every homes, organic farming through de-composting, and soon, the utilization of solar panels to power street lamps and to partially support the energy needs of its expensive community clubhouses and common areas.

    With Savannah, you and your family will definitely have that one of a kind haven made to make your life easier and comfortable.

    Camella is the subsidiary catering to the mid-market segment of Vista Land and Lifescapes, the country’s largest home builder. It has 36 years of experience, built more than 250, 000 homes and maintains a strong presence in Mega Manila and 28 other key provincial destinations and 56 cities and municipalities, while aggressively expanding to other regions./PN


    • lady museum says:

      COME ONS???? I like Savannah’s thrust of building a FIFA fotball stadium so more Ilonggos could settle at Savannah, its their favorite sport and so Azkals’ ASEAN/ASIA/WORLD games could be played in world-class stadium. To complete the thrust of Savanaan an arena to play PBA and other world class entertainment shows.
      Remember Cubao become bigger with that coliseum come-ons.
      In summary Iloilo should be updated about VENUES like the International Convention Hotel, a football field and arena like the latest SM-MOA.

  • jo says:

    Hi Mark,

    I always check out your blog on new developments in iloilo, hope you do updates also of their pictures for us to appreciate these developments further. Please do, if you can find more time.

    By the way, when is Ayala pursuing their plan.

    Thank you

    • Mark Segador says:

      Hi Jo!
      Sources say it will be this year, i don’t want to preempt them. hehe as soon as the words come from Ayala itself, I’ll immediately update this post

    • rosycheeks says:

      Ayala is now planning a Rustan-like (see above Mark Segador’s) in Iloilo nowadays. The Iloilo Business Club once told they were planning a medical center in lieu of, as they got away, literally, with their Ayala Technohub now called the Iloilo Technohub, vis-a-vis the Smallville Entertainment Center with their final buying of Bacolod lot for a mall.
      Im confused with Ayala thrust in Iloilo as they seem couldn’t act what they really like in our city. Really!

  • dotnetboy says:

    One thing is lacking to us.. NATIONAL ID SYSTEM for orderly and peaceful community within Iloilo City and the entire Philippines

  • Vic says:

    hello dotnetboy what is it for? what are the advantages and pros and cons , is it necessary?

  • P. Ladrido says:

    Wow, a dream come true for the “Queen City of the South” even if only half of these come to fruition. I am cheering on for the Clean the Iloilo River Project and the Calle Real Restoration. What are missing, however seem to be a well planned traffic and road infrastructure for all these developments to function well. Let us not copy the nightmare that is Manila. My greatest frustration every time I visit Iloilo, when I usually skip Manila except unfortunately NAIA (for obvious reason) is getting in and out of the city. Growing up in Pototan we used to travel to the city in half hour time now we reached Leganes in roughly that time then travel for another 30-40 minutes in chaotic traffic until Jaro.
    Thank you for your effort & dedication Mark.

  • city-dweller says:

    maybe in 2016 pa ang tanan nga ini matapos. may mga project nga gakaladula hasta lang plano kapareho sg central market redevelopment.ang pedestrianization sg Calle Real daw sa wala man guihapon with 4 buildings restored and i do hope indi na ini mauntat with 2 lots here still vacant after 20 years. I heard INJAP is to contruct new buildings on these. Wala pa dahum-dahum gapalak na ang iban sa city tour banning buses into the city. ideklara na kuno ang Iloilo as the Museum City nga wala pa gani ma-pedestrianized. Kadamu pa sg kalay-uhon pero gaapura na ang iban nga wala man mabulig. Ang COA bldg. dapat nga ma-renovate man kg dapat lihapan ang iya sini nga ugsaran para ma-allign duon sa Campos Bldg. nga indi gig iya maghalin sa paghatag/pagbaligya tani sining ila nga lugar sa City Hall.
    Ang Pagoda dira nga nasunog sa ibabaw sg bldg where Fred Tayo houses near the Freedom Grandstand dapat nga i-restore man ina kay isa ina ka tallest attraction before sg syudad in the 50s.
    Ini lang mabulig ko, to suggest basi matalupangdan man abi.
    Salamat guid!
    Ngaa nagtanom dira sg mga puno sg kahoy sa Ledesma St.???
    Pag nagdalagku ina gub-on sg ugat sina ang karsada. Ginalipnan sg mga kahoy nga ina ang katahom sg Ledesma St.!!! Single railings na lang uniform sa Iznart nga ara sa tubangan sg Amigo Hotel.
    Liwat Salamat Guid!

  • No says:

    Hi Mark, lipay gid kami sang imo updates para sa aton syudad. Any updates on the Sinha Solar proposal certified by Toto Jed? As well as any other solar farm plans for the province? Nali maka buhin-buhin dyutay sa aton nga electric bill from PECO and ELECO. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    • Mark Segador says:

      hi! thanks for this info. as of now, the last word we heard was the certification of no objection by Mayor Jed which was last year. I hope Asia Pacific Communications Associates (APCA) Global Inc. will push through with this.

      This is the latest word from their website:

      APCA Power Pvt. Ltd. is creating a joint venture consortium called APCA Global Ltd., a power generation company, which plans to invest $100m for the construction and development of ground mounted solar power project to be located in Iloilo City, Philippines. The total installed capacity of the project will be 25 MW, of which, 10 MW is expected to be operational in 2011 and 15 MW in 2012.

      Jed Patrick Mabilog, mayor of Iloilo City, said, “It is widely used in the United States and European countries, and industries in the Philippines are starting to look for the unlimited power from the sun. The investment plan pushes through in Iloilo, the current power supply from Panay Power Corp. (PPC) and its sister company Panay Energy Development Corp. (PEDC) will be greatly augmented with clean power from the sun. Aside from power benefits, the Indian investment will develop the economy of the city and province of Iloilo.”

      Nikesh Sinha, Managing director of APCA Power says, “We are now ready to go and would like to execute 10 MW this financial year ending March 2012 and another 15 MW ending next financial year.””
      source: http://apcapower.com/news.html

    • city-dweller says:

      indi naman advisable ang magpatukod pa sg mga power sources look what happened to Ingore Coal Plant lalong tumaas ang bayaran sa kuryente sa Iloilo dahil ginatipon sg DOE kag ipanagtag sa iban nga isla sg Pilipinas ang kuryente tapos naka-charge sa Iloilo ang ginastos sa coal plant. Subong mapaobra naman sg Coal Plant sa Concepcion para ano? Para lalo pa magtaas ang balayran sg kuryente?
      Hindi ba ka-EPAL-an na ito?

  • city-dweller says:

    Iloilo city built the coal plant at Ingore for what? for the DOE to accumulate kilowatts for distribution to the other islands? now Concepcion is to build another coal plant again for what? plus the Jalaur River power source again for what?
    Taxes are brought to Manila and also the power for redistribution. Aba, it’s a form of Communism in a Democracy! Much better if we go into Federalism na lang!
    Ilonggos are trying hard to be progressive and yet look they need to pay additional power rates to the chagrin of the city government.

  • Vic says:

    city-dweller, I agree, we need to seperate from Imperialist Manila.
    Why we need to give our money to them because we need it most here for our development. Iloilo produce vast agriculture and livestock, from grains too cattle. moreover the marine food is plenty, dollar inflows is big too , and many trades and commerse that gives out millions of corporate taxes from banks to hotels to food chains , stores , bakery, and many more. yet so far, its not very easy to shift to federal government. we can seperate as new nation.

    • lady museum says:

      U R RIGHT, VIC! Punu-puno na gid iya ang Metro Manila pati pa gani ang Cebu, pirme lang sila nga duha unod sg mga balita. amo nga its good to know that the investors are now here in Iloilo. Bal-an naman naton nga kon wala makita nga kaayuhan sa aton syudad, sin-o sa aton ang magkainteres? sin-o ang mag-invest diri sa aton? WALA GID pero pasalamat kita kay daan na kita nga Queen City of the South. Sa tuod-tuod gid lng, diutay lang ya ang i-improve sa Iloilo ara man guihapon ang itsura sini nga Queen City.
      Walk proud, you are in a new and vibrant City of Iloilo in the West and the other modernized city at the East.

  • lady museum says:

    Another SM Super Mall is in the offing and to make Iloilo City look extra majestic they are touting on the idea of building the biggest mall at the other side of the river fronting the Custom House, the old site of Iloilo Dock and Engineering Co.
    And if that happens it could capture the Lapaz-Lapuz District shoppers and the Iloilo Northerners passing the coastal road. But it is necessary for SM to build a bridge to Iloilo Old CBD or perhaps a wide boardwalk making it, at the same time, a parking lot.
    Nice view, nice idea indeed.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @Lady Museum. That’s good idea if Iloilo is to regain old glories. Either SM of INJAP is capable of building a gigantic mall on that site mentioned by you PLUS a twin tower. Iloilo Chinese businessmen are eager to live in a condo very near their businesses.

  • Vic says:

    lady museum hehehe It’s too early pa to celebrate …
    I want here tani , a bycyclist/skate area , coffee shop side-walk in a more cultured ambiance like soon-to-be festive street or like current set up in Esplanade of French Reviera , In Avenue , it’s too narrow and way close to people drinking right across the street . McArthur drive should be de-congest and provide alternative route to Tagbak maybe Locsin but that’s very impossible. Beach Front Balabago provide a scenic view of ocean too, that might be developed too.
    With these current changes thats transform Iloilo , and the better is yet to come. It’s nice to cheers on the street. However, these days there are too many laws and rules in Iloilo City , that’s going out to dine to buy or to party is not a very good thing to do. Thats why fewer people go out every night anymore…. soon enough business will be bancrupt. Police is here there and everywhere, its prohibeted to be like this and like that, boardwalk is becoming a ghost-dead-place, stores closed as early as 8PM due to liqour ban and tanods infest the streets, so were getting closer to a Gestapo-Soceity and A big-brother city who police every step we make. We’re controlled, it’s more fun in communist Russia than Iloilo City

  • lady museum says:

    mage-export na worldwide ang Guimaras poducts like potato chips and other related commodities. Malaking planta ang ipatatayo sa isla thereby the necessity and to recall the ILOILO-GUIMARAS BRIDGE AND THE NECESSITY FOR THE ISLAND TO DELIVER THE GOODS VIA THE ILOILO INTL.PORT.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      8/2/12 if the guimarasnon are stubborn today to go on with the planned bridge, well in the future they will be the one to say yes to it.
      Take a look at this scenario, with the recent typhoon Gener, many Guimarasnon could not go to school and work in the city, still lingering at their island for almost a week now, with sufficient food,? hospitalization? and all other necessities? this we doubt.
      The city is exhausting all means for the betterment of the two provinces through this bridge and yet they are stubbornly ambivalent.

  • Vic says:

    @lady museum, very nice Info, Imperialist Manila priority is not Iloilo If so , they could have constructed it long ago. San Juanico bridge is too long but its realized and all other bridges. Nevertheless, Samar and Leyte remain poorest in Philippines. When San Francisco Bridge was finished, it brough prosperity to Sausalito and sorrounding Counties and Borough in 1920’s.

  • Ty says:

    New infrastuctures has also sprouted on booming town of STA. BARBARA. Lots of establishments has already on the vicinity. This proves that Iloilo is expanding outside the city that will bring more jobs to the Ilonggos.

    One of the establishment here is the ST. PETER’S SQUARE COMMERCIAL BUILDING. Located along bypass road to ILOILO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. In line with the booming economy of Iloilo, TYDYCO will provide a suitable place where anyone can start or expand their business outside the city.

    Located on a strategical area, you will find a mix of historical and strategic sites for investment – Iloilo International Airport, Iloilo Golf and Country Club, President Diosdado Macapagal Memorial Hospital, huge subdivisions, commercial and rural banks, drugstores, gasoline stations and lot more. These indicate that prosperity and livelihood are growing in the town. Hence, there are varieties of business opportunities that are waiting for you in the area.

    Visit http://www.tydyco.com for more details.


  • HURRY_ILOILO says:

    Iloilo Cong. Trenas should refrain from incorporating the Negros-Guimaras Bridge to the Iloilo-Guimaras own project, reason?
    The Negros-Guimaras is 10 times over the length and also 10X the budget.
    It has been resolved in the Congress that the original Trenas resolution was rejected by Congress pertaining to that dual bridge.
    If the good Cong. pursue his original resolution, it would never materialize maybe just maybe until 2025.
    There are 5 to 6 Negros Occ. Congressmen, give them the chance, let them do their own job for their own development project/s.
    This is not regional selfishness, maybe they are. Iloilo is just practical.

  • HURRY_ILOILO says:

    Nowadays, how many senators does ILOILO have?
    We have Senators Santiago, Trillanes (from Tigbauan), Villar (from Guimaras also an Ilonggo) and Drilon (formerly Iloilo City councilor); may ara pa?
    So far only Senator Drilon is helping Iloilo, in her march, in her second coming as the Queen City of the South.
    Senator Villar nagpaparamdam na sa kanyang mga negosyo sa Iloilo like the global and the city within a city Savannah, we are still waiting for his Puregolds.
    Si Santiago? May naitulong ba sa Iloilo kagaya nang ipinangako niyang Iloilo-Guimaras Bridge, win or lose for the Presidency?
    Si Trillanes, pasosyal-sosyal na lang siya like being the honorable guest sa nakaraang Molo fiesta.
    Sana tumulong pa ang mga senators na ito, para maingat na ang Iloilo sa matagal na pagkalugmok (prolonged stagnation).
    At saaan na ang old riches of clans from Iloilo.
    Well the Lopezes mukhang wala nang pakialam sa Iloilo-mga manileno na ang angkan na ito, abs-cbn tv network? napilitan lang sila to put up a TV network kasi namamayagpag na ang GMA 7 at saka satelite station pa ito sa Iloilo.

    • Panoy says:

      Yes, HURRY_ILOILO is correct on that statement that there is only 1 active Senator helping the province and city of Iloilo. Senator Frank’s contribution is already making a difference but I really wonder what happened back to the so-called “fighter” of the Senate.

      Maybe she’s quite busy showing off at the Senate that helping back here is no longer a concern for her. Well, I don’t know, I maybe right or wrong for this. 😛

      The rich clans of Iloilo? Hmmmm, I don’t know, but I think they may have migrated to other countries or may have done businesses in Manila. I would like to assume that these wealthy families are or will be responsible for buying the unsold rooms in sprouting would be high-rise condominiums in the city. Maybe looking to add it to there income streams.

      • HURRY_ILOILO says:

        @Panoy. Perhaps with the exception of the Lopezes, the Iloilo Business Club have said once that more of the old rich clans of Iloilo are now coming back to the city to help and they furthered that ILOILO CITY today is fast progressing, NOT ONLY FAST (THEY ADDED) BUT IN FACT, VERY VERY VERY F A S S S S S T T T T !!!

      • Mark Segador says:

        @Panoy i agree with that observation. with the huge middle class here, it is now in our hands how we can contribute in developing our city. with all the combined savings of the OFW families and middle class families, I believe if used and invested properly, Iloilo City, in no time, will be the fastest growing and developing metro in the country.

    • Cassey says:

      Sorry, Trillanes is NOT a Tigbaueño!!!We only produced a one true Tigbaueño senator, and that is Sen. Potenciano Treñas, the granfather of Cong. Jerry Teañas. and father of Efraim. For your info!!!

  • Vic says:

    HURRY_ILOILO thats true, my recent post is about conspiracy to sink Iloilo into deep end , too many places used to be impoverished had prospered such as Cebu , Tagaytay and Davao. Past politicians and many national programs and budget were directed to these places , Iloilo survived a scanty gross domestic product . A better and long roads were constructed everywhere from Davao , Gen San , Negros , Luzon , Yet not in Iloilo from 1980’s to 1990’s. Even an access road from Oton to San Miguel to Santa Barbara were just being started recently. Without Drilon , it remains a rough road. Old rich clans were long been gone here. Iloilo was not also included in Tourism promotional video.
    Given this oppresive political system and unbriddled corruption in Manila since 1950’s 1960’s 1970’s 1980’s 1990’s 2000’s, Money are given to close political Allies ,control of asset priveleges , etc that enabled them to amass unspeakable wealth .Iloilo may seperate from Philippines through transitory government to better govern itself to address local socio-economic challenges by executing consentious fiscal management so in time , Middle Class will increased and less people will take control of wealth and everyone is contented . If not , the cycle goes on , money is deposited to Manila and given to few who make rules while majority are ruled deprived by these rulers. Reforms were proven futile , problems escalated and gets complex, very high electric rate ( highest in whole world) , lack of schools , books , medecines , cemetery , poor housing program to state workers ,worsened by slave-wage , high medical expenses , city is getting congested with unplanned zoning and getting dirtier , street lamps burnt-out.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC when a particular city or province is low in income the investors would only shun the place as their projected ROI would only be a problem in the long run, saying it is not sustainable..
      Now that Iloilo is booming in its economy starting a fledgling in the advent of the new millennium, slowly but surely iloilo city’s business infrastructure now’s a parade, it’s like raining cats and dogs!
      The good thing for Iloilo today is its leaders, coupled by their two senators.
      Beside the PPP’s are working wonder on Iloilo’s side — the heritage refurbishments, the roads etc..
      Iloilo now is running second to Cebu in terms of resourced income with 1.05 billion while Cebu is on top with 1.8 billion, Bacolod is far behind with measly 450M.
      By 2015 Iloilo is ready to proclaim their city as the Premiere City of the South.
      Are we ready? That would be feasible if Iloilo voters will retain their leaders. Leaders that could deliver.

  • peter says:

    wow> great ang ginahulat ko subong ang gaisano project > pero daw na kulanagan pako ka mga project here in iloilo not like sa cebu nga damo gd

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @PETER. Pls. dont ever get intimidated by Cebu, it won’t help the Ilonggos.
      Cebu skycrapers are aplenty coz of limited space (remember they are just a single town turning into a city, investors could build a condo tower in Cebu with just 200-400 sq. meters and they have nothing to go except to go vertical. Their old CBD is left with eskinitas, hindi na nakakapasok ang mga jeepneys. If they couldn’t be more vertical they are now using the coastal areas.
      With the positive climate now back in Iloilo, there’s no reason why she could not do it again. Remember Iloilo before defeated Cebu, that’s why Iloilo, is the Original Queen City of the South.

      • @peter. Cebu City, from a distance,looks great in terms of their “skyscrapers” because this city is sitting on the mountain ranges.
        Their 5 storey building could look 10 storey high and their 10 storeys could even come out as high as 20’s.
        Look at the cities of Baguio and Olongapo, their city also looks great even with just an array of houses on top of the mountains.

        • @ peter. I would like to add that there are plenty of larger horizontal buildings in downtown Iloilo even bigger than that of Manila. Try to go and see Iloilo’s Mabini St. where it would be soon doubly exciting with the Robinson’s expansion.
          Also, Try to wait and see Iloilo in the coming months & years. Even Ayala, Makati started with their 10 storeys but look now, they are having the veritable towers.
          Sooner than soon, major Philippine cities will have it share of the skyscrapers, masikip ang Cebu kaya nauna sila, they have nothing to go now except to go up up up or persevere the tidal waves!
          Kabubukas lang ng Iloilo Diversion Road, dito nakatadhana ang mga skyscrapers ng ILOILO as it slowly having the signs (makikita na nga ang porma)of the good things to come for this Original Queen City of the South.

    • ILO-MOLOMOLO says:

      @Panoy These roll call infrastructures, I believe, are just first of the batches developments in Iloilo. I could remember that Iloilo stagnated for 50 years (1950-2000) while Cebu was developing for that same number of years. It was only in the new millennium that Iloilo had awaken and constantly now it is developing and might have a criscendo soon! Definitely, Iloilo is progressing as per statistics.

    • Simonette says:

      @peter. Mas mabuti na yang paunti-unti kesa wala! Even Rome was not built in one day. Remember that ILOILO stagnated for 50 years while the other cities was developing constantly.
      The giant, so to speak, has awaken!

    • Simonette says:

      @peter.Konting tiyaga lang sa paghihintay, kami nga naiinip na rin pero marami ang plano para sa ILOILO CITY, ang INJAP Tower nasa 4th floor na ang construction. ang Medicus Medical Center nasa 6th floor na, ang Diversion 21 hotel nasa 7th floor na! Ang Gaisano Tower dugay na sila nakabakal duta kg may karatola na gani kg guwardiyado ang solar sa scenic Dungon Creek. Ang most beautiful sight to behold in the city, the Robinson’s expansion gaumpisa na after nga gintapos anay ang GT Plaza Mall sa Mall. (Ginakulang na ang mga obrero sa Iloilo kaya nagre-recruit na sa Manila). Ang Megaworld Richmonde nasa piling stage pa rin and foundation kayman kalawig nga ginkaayo anay ang pagkalapad-lapad nga karsada kg mga drainage system para baha-free.

  • HURRY_ILOILO says:

    If one is to go to SM City Iloilo these days, shoppers are all over the place, filling up to the rafters, so to speak, reason why another SM Supermall will soon come to reality in this Original Queen City of the South.
    And if another one is to stay and view the vicinity on top of the SM City’s pedestrian overpass, one would notice the rapid transformation of Iloilo City into soon a skyscraper city with INJAP condo tower, One Front Hotel,Diversion 21 Hotel, Medicus Medical Center and Richmond Condo Tower Hotel. More skyscrapers ere upcoming.
    Long Live the Original Queen City of the South!

    • CuriousityJackol says:

      Hi. Ask lang ko sang updates sa expansion sand sm dre sa iloilo. kay gin announced na ni nila sa bwonline website sang december 2011 nga plans nila mapatindog new mall sa 2012 te daw wala man balita. Nauna pa ang expansion sang sm bacolod. Kun matapos na ila sa 2013, makuha na nila title the largest sm mall in WV sa sm city iloilo. Te anu plans gid man sang sm sa iloilo wala gid balita.

      • Mark Segador says:

        what i learned is that they’re expanding the SM Southpoint as a dining strip within this year. regarding SM’s expansion, there are news that they’re expanding it at the northside sometime next year. but still no confirmation on this. still there’s no way for SM to go but only to expand, the mall is getting crowded already in its peak times and weekends.

        • CuriousityJackol says:

          hi mike thanx 4 the update. what i know is they are now renovating sm delgado(?). the terminal area in sm city iloilo is rumored to be set up for a new building of sm. i am really anticipating sm expansion but there seems to be no wide area for buildings as most of the lot is being occupied as parking lots. also ayala has no mall in iloilo. any plans of ayala for iloilo? bacolod ayala mall will be finished soon. it seems sm plans backfired as they are not giving priority to iloilo expansion. they anounced last dec 2011 businessworld online that sm plans to build a new mall in iloilo by 2012, expansion of sm bacolod and building 2 to 3 more malls in cebu as part of their visayas expansion. sm plans did not materialized in iloilo but sm bacolod expansion was given priority and did materialized. sm bacolod will be huge. i hope sm will read this and clear things up. i want a bigger new sm mall in iloilo.

      • ILO-MOLOMOLO says:

        sm already bought a vast land in Molo District for that planned mall. it’s just a matter of time when they would start that second supermall in Iloilo. Bacolod could always claim that they are the largest with that expansion. no big deal.

        • @iloilo-MoloMolo. Good things seem to augur well for MOLO district – The Athens of the Philippines within the Original Queen City of the South ILOILO!
          Mag-i-inaugurate pa lang ang Robinson’s GT Plaza Mall tapos heto na ang another SM Supermall also in MOLO. Aside from this the long been neglected Molo Plaza was recently restored to its original and completely refurbihed to the tune of …? Soon the gigantic (5,000 seat) Convention will find its place in MOLO.
          Baka magmumukhang mas maganda pa ang distrito na ito kesa sa City Proper? Kaya?

        • Iloilo@2012 says:

          Subuan gid ko kay sang ginpatindog una ang sm city iloilo sang 1999 daw minimal lang ang expansion kag gin occupied pa sang Teletech ang 3rd flr. Grabe gid ya ang sa sm bacocok ky sang 2007 lang nahuman kag after 5 years expand na cila 70% bigger than SM City iloilo. Grabe ka profitable gid man ang sa pihak isla. Iloilo investments sang sm daw nasaturated na daw inde gid gane mabakal ang Sm Hypermrket jaro. Daw wala gid piho expansion nila di sa iloilo a. Mga taga SM kun kabasa kamu ni, I want a bigger newer mall in Iloilo!!!!

          • wait ka lang kay kon finally mabakal na sang SM ang old Iloilo Central Market, THE BEST SITE FOR ANOTHER SUPERMALL (which they are very much willing to help relocate the market, RESULT OF WHICH HAVE BEEN TALKED ABOUT IN A FORUM HELD ON AUG. 13), it could transform the Original ILOILO CBD into a major-major Most Attractive City Proper of the South.
            As you can see, SM have sooooooo many plans for Iloilo City, they are just taking their time with tentative sites already bought, really looking for a very exacting-exciting place to build their latest Supermall that could be just Lording over ILOILO and the rest of the VISAYAS.
            You know what about SM, they could not just be contented as “SECOND” AND THEY KNEW VERY WELL THAT ILOILO HAVE LOTS OF INVESTORS NOWADAYS HAVING THOUGHTS OF BUILDING A MAMMOTH PROJECT in the city and province.

          • HURRY_ILOILO says:

            It’s just like a having a priced cellphone. Ti kon may cp ka manggaranon ka na ayhan? nyahahahaha!

          • lilo'ta says:

            Nagpalauli anay mga hinablos ko halin sa pihak-dagat kay wala na gid kuno sila palangitan-an didto, kag pag-abot gid nila baw kalaham-utan gid natabo, daw nalatnan na gid bala haw! Siling dayon sg isa, “Baw, mayo gid ya ang Iloilo ba may SM (Delgado) na sila!”

  • Vic says:

    @HURRY_ILOILO I do not buy the idea that there are places other than Iloilo as Queen City of the south , It belongs perpetually to Iloilo and it can be corroborated with proofs . If other places has to grab it it doesnt weakened the genuine

    • Panoy says:

      Ah, the never ending ‘Queen City of the South’ battle….sigh 😀

      • HURRY_ILOILO says:

        as u could realize that title could make a city popular and investors are to become inquisitive and get more interested to invest, so there ensued progress and developments.
        Its just the same as the beauty title holders, men of god reputation would like to marry a beauty queen, most of them scion of rich families.
        Iba na ang may titulo.

      • Simonette says:

        @panoy. As part of its economic thrust, Iloilo is regimented to always talk and mention about ILOILO CITY, The Original Queen City of the South, as people and investors of later generation don’t even know about this. It is only in recent times that people is informed and Ilonggos are too eager and proud to go about this.
        Other cities dont even have any title, if there’s any it is a hoax but look, they kept on doing their publicities for what?
        For economic gain, of course!

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC as early as the 70s Cebu was already using the title of Iloilo as the Queen City of the South. they would always try all means to profell their city to progress, may it mean usurpation. Iloilo stagnated for 50 years while Cebu was developing for that same nuumber of years prior to year 2000.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC. Im happy to note that “THEY” ARE ALWAYS HERE, MEANING KAPAG HINIHILA NILA ANG ILOILO PABABA, IT ALSO MEANS LAMANG NA LAMANG NA SA KANILA ANG ILOILO. And everytime “they” are here, dagdag kita ang Iloilo, buhin sa ila.
      Napag-iiwanan na sila, they are still talking about malls, when Iloilo has 5-6 SM’s, the bigger Gaisano City and the bigger Robinson’s with state of the art frontage plus the beautiful and bigger GT Mall, dadagdag pa ang Gaisano Center and Megaworld and Avida Condos (Ayala).
      BTW Vic, have u visited the latest Skyscraper City Iloilo CT and Province 180 thread as we are still waiting for MARK SEGADOR’S UPDATE?
      See u at the Grand Opening of Iloilo Esplanade Escapades, the talk of the town nowadays that every Ilonggo is proud of… We have Dragon Boat competition, Bombo Radio’s awaited BAROTO RACES among national athletes that won world titles, special guest sina Cong. Manny Pacquiao who will invest a bigger mall near the Esplanade and Sen. Loren Legarda and several Manila actors and entertainers, kaya now pa lang, naghahanda na me to watch it!
      Ano naman kaya ang ihahanda ko? Siyempre, ‘yung makakapag-sapatos man lang, hehehehehe!

    • Simonette says:

      @VIC, Accdg. to the SSC forumer, gin-wrestle daw talaga ng mga Osmenas ang titulong Queen City mula sa Iloilo. Anyway Iloilo had it all before as the Queen City of the South declared by the Govt. in 1937.
      At ang ORIGINAL translation daw ng titulong Espanyol na ibinigay
      ng Reina ng Espanya nuon sa Iloilo ay ito… ILOILO, THE QUEEN’S CITY OF THE SOUTH.
      And in the failure of Cebu to find their own title, ILOILO henceforth will be called THE PREMIERE CITY OF THE SOUTH and this sounds so good and aptly so in the modern times.

  • Vic says:

    @Mark Segador i agree with you, yesterday, SM CITY is flooded by people that its very unwise to shop with such thickest croud , Robinson has new mall in Molo Iloilo and Gaisano plans to construct biggest mall in Diversion road ,

  • Simonette says:

    batch kon batch ang mga developments sa Iloilo. remember it’s not all sm investors ang kailangan lang naten. we need several investors-gaisano, robinsons, puregolds (yes my plano na sila sa Iloilo. ang ganda-ganda ng expansion nitong Go Hotels sa harap ng Robinsons mas maganda pa sa Maynila.
    Kada pagpasok ng buwan meron around 10 or more infrastructures na ginagawa ngayon sa Iloilo. 10 x 12 month x 3 years = 360 isang another city na ito about malls, hotels, condos IT hub, dining and shopping strips).
    Hindi na ito masama para sa Iloilo (the Premiere City by 2015), eh kung nun nga eh, mangilan-ngilan lang, madalang pa sa patak ng ulan sa buwan ng Mayo, eh.
    Ay ala eh!
    Speaking of Ala-eh Batanguenos and the Ilonggos, magpapatayo na ang Amaia Skies ng mga condo sa likod ng Megaworld Iloilo Business Park site.
    Wow ILOILO!

    • lilo'ta says:

      @Simonette ATRIA ILOILO is the latest project of Ayala in Kapideko Mandurriao Iloilo City. Nasa Phase I of Phases IV pa lang at may render na, nag-soil test na rin sila at nag-uumpisa nang magbenta ng mga unit.
      Go Iloilo! Be the Premiere City of the South in 2015!
      As regards to the Queen City title ayaw nang pagbuy-an sg Cebu, afterall naging Queen City of the South naman nuon ang Iloilo and in 1937.

  • Vic says:

    Announcement Iloilo Esplanade Park to be open for public at August 18, 2012.
    Best venue to walk your puppies and for bicyclist.
    I’m afraid they will be forbidden by city ordinance again, sigh 🙁

  • Alfred Adrian P. Chavez says:

    The Esplanade is just one of the big projects this year to lure tourists. Let us just be happy for what we have now. I know Iloilo City is marching faster than ever. For now, let us just share to everyone that indeed Iloilo City is the ORIGINAL Queen City of the South. Plans are all in the pipeline so let us just cooperate and be glad we have great leaders now.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      Hi Alfred Adrian Chavez. believe ako sa inyo ni Mark Segador, napaka-subtle n’yo and cool and liberal about promoting our city, unmindful of the people from the other side of the fence.
      Well, gusto ko man tani nga amo man ko sina, pero gaguwa gid.
      My sincere thanks to you, to Vic and Mark, of course.

      • Alfred Adrian P. Chavez says:

        Thank you sir. I am just being proud of my hometown. Whatever destructive criticisms others would say about Iloilo, I am not affected because I know the story of Iloilo City is worth-telling. Nowhere in the Philippines has ever etched a story as glorious as Iloilo. Iloilo is a province rich in history and culture. As the elders say, “basta ang tanum/kahoy/prutas damu bunga, ginahaboy bato”. It only means our leaders’ efforts are in the fruition state that’s why many are coming to Iloilo City to check the over-riped and take it along with them to destroy Iloilo. Nonetheless, Iloilo is unstoppable.

  • Simonette says:

    Nagbisita na sa Iloilo si GABBY LOPEZ, apo ni Don Eugenio Lopez kg ABS-CBN President & CEO. Siya ang unang nakagamit (tulog and all)sg renovated Hotel del Rio’s Presidential Suit. Ang tanong sg mga kasimanwa naton, wala na bala balay ang mga Lopezes sa Iloilo City? May-ara pero di na yata puwedeng tirhan as it now belongs sa heritage thing.
    Siling pa sg mga kasimanwa naton, daw sa ano bala kamakahilibi batyagon nga liwat siya nakatapak sa dakbanwa nga iya gin-ugatan, ang kinatawhan sg lolo ya kag mga kaparyentehan.
    Nag-courtesy call siya sa New Iloilo City Hall kung saan may rebulto ang lolo niya (kg sa CPU kuno may rebulto pa gid iya great grandfather). Kausap niya si Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog.
    They might be talking something good for ILOILO.

  • Vic says:

    @HURRY_ILOILO, I used to be cold regarding catfigths waged by Bacolod against Iloilo , for me its not a very wise thing to do until I realize its not any wiser to keep silent as they need information they were deprived of.
    I guess I wont be around during the opening of Esplanade because I figure itll be flooded by crowd. I always prefer a silent night to walk around in Esplanade the way I used to do around 2 AM frequently. If youre not fortunate , theres police there who checked you up everytime thinking you are armed and dangerous.
    About skycraper thread — May I ask about the URL? If I am not mistaken , they have more hot discussions about our local affairs.

    • Simonette says:

      @Vic Just type “Skyscraper City, Iloilo City and Province Thread #180”.

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC, I was trying to get into the post-reply mode of that site but you see I am not that IT literate. The site is so strict when it comes to this. Anyway the posters there are also from Mark Segador’s. Paikut-ikot lang, short-short txt lang ang “labanan” doon, subtle lang unlike sa “liveable iloilo city”. palabtikanay lng didto.
      Napakabilis sg ila guwa, more on pic sila and press releases for ILOILO, the Orignal Queen City of the South.
      I believe you’ve been there na. Thank you Vic!

  • Vic says:

    Simonette Eugenio Lopez also have portrait in Iloilo Provincial Capitol as one of Governor since before the Local Government Code in 1991 , Iloilo Province City is just the same. Manila is not safe place to live in due to high risk for disaster and natural calamities. It’s vulnerability to flood is high La Mesa Dam is sleeping demon who may gives in anytime. High risk for Earthquake its near Marikina Fault , High Risk for Tsunami to due to proximity to Manila Bay and Manila is low. Monsoon rain is slower due to friction by strong westerly wave. High infectious disease pattern due to congested 15 Million people and growing.
    At this point of time , all we need as a populace is to prepare ourselves when disaster strikes . One of focal point that government would invest money so people will recover from disaster fast. We call it — risk reduction from various anticipated mishap/emergencies like flood , earthquake or landslide. Coastal houses in Calaparan-Calumpang are identified as high risk during extreme storms and they need to be evacuated and widen the road there for facility in transportation. Tsunami is not identified as our problem and flooding maybe. Panay Earthquake fault post a risk to us so buildings must be constructed in a way to withstand major earth tremors with with appropriate strength of material , foundations and beams. Hospitals should have get its power supply from solar energy to continue its operation even during power outage or breach in trucking system that deliver oil.
    WIth these things and some more to ponder to, we might have ascertain Iloilo is untouchable when the bad time comes.

    • Simonette says:

      @Vic. Very well said. These things have been taken positively by Sen. Frank Drilon and the former city officials and the major of it all is all about The Iloilo Flood Control Project that was being publicized at the DPWH tarpauline in the Port Area Manila.
      So let’s now aim for Iloilo as the New Getway of the Philippines and also The New Business Hub in the Country.
      Iloilo is getting popular nowadays because of the constant this and that major developments and the publicities could help a major-major in our march to progress.
      Could you imagine how the other cities in the Philippines became progressive having this and that publicities even its a hoax! Hahahahaha!

  • Vic says:

    @asenso_iloilo , it sounds like Iloilo will be having a ” Farmer’s Market” just like what the Hollywood in USA have? cool… so far , it should be position not in Heritage District , it must be somewhere .

    • @Vic i was driving that our old central market be sold to SM for another supermall as they are too interested.
      You see it’s no longer practical para sa isang HUC ang may mala-talipapa kind of a market place in the middle of the city na ok lang lang kon nasa probinsya kita.
      Iredevelop daw ng city govt. ang CM pero look saan sila kukuha ng pondo eh pagkadaku-daku inang lugar nga ina beside nga daw sa wala man nagkainteres nga investors kay mabudlay i-market inang daan nga market silingon ta pa nga i-modernize ina, nga halos wala na gani gasululod tao dira sa Aldeguer kg Guanco. Ang only solution dira is to sell this area sa SM kay dali gid lang pauswagon ina sg SM.
      We are in need of investors and yet mismong SM investors na ang nago-offer para sa pagpatahum pa gid sg aton syudad.
      May nabal-an ka ba nga ma-relocate-an sining aton CM?

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC Agree gid ako to relocate the Old Central Market, kaya lang basi kon mabal-an naman nila kag dayon man nila i-relocate ang ila, nyahahahaha!

  • Vic says:

    HURRY_ILOILO yes I been there before.
    I just read some and skip some.
    There were hot debates in not so friendly tone too.
    Productively , it enhances our nationalism and our drive for betterment.
    I just wonder if one poster is correct that Esplanade part 2 will be built up to So-oc or its just malicious and deceitful disinformation.
    Gotta go now 🙂 see ya

    • Lifesaver says:

      Hi Everyone!
      @ Vic, I am a regular lurker and occasional poster in the skyscrapercity Iloilo City and Province thread. But I seldom participate in the discussions because as you have said the debates sometimes would turn out unhealthy. There are always some advantages and disadvantages you can get in every site. What more important is how you manage to appreciate or digest the information being feed in a particular forum. Most of the issues or topics posted there are compilations of news and information about Iloilo. Majority of the news reports are current issues taken from different National broadsheets and tabloids. Some are news posted in foreign newspapers that discusses anything involving Iloilo. There are previous news re-posted again which is very relevant to current issues being tackled. With regards to the Esplanade 2, the information came from news report posted by our local media practitioners. There are 2 more esplanade projects being eyed by the Iloilo City Government. Phase 2, from Carpenter’s bridge towards Sooc, Arevalo and Phase 3, from Diversion bridge towards Jalandoni bridge. These are tentative projects and sometimes could be shelved to give way for a better plan. Previously there was a plan to construct a 700-meter road or another esplanade project on the other side of the Iloilo River bank near Medical City Iloilo but after a week it was replaced by a plan to build the one going to Sooc, Arevalo. With regards to that pictures posted there are day to day pictures of the developments in Iloilo including ongoing condos, hotels, malls, roads, bridges, parks and many more projects. Even blogs from our visitors in the city and province are once in a while posted there. In short, what you can see there are actual events that are happening in our locality. You will see also the works of Mark Segador there. He is quite famous in the Iloilo City and Province thread despite the fact he is not participating in the forum. I salute him for his works and the impact he has created that tickles our desires and aspirations to make Iloilo great again. Even the Iloilo City government has acknowledge his contribution by sharing his work in their FB page and official website. THANK YOU MARK FOR SHARING THIS SITE. I AM ONE OF THE REGULAR VISITORS OF YOUR WEBSITE EVERYDAY.

      • Mark Segador says:

        Hi Lifesaver! Thanks for sharing this information. I’m very much excited to see the whole stretch of Iloilo River be developed. It’s one of Iloilo City’s greatest asset for tourism and economic growth. not to mention that river management must be a key priority for Iloilo City’s sustainable urban growth. Thanks! =)

    • HURRY_ILOILO says:

      @VIC. Palabtikanay man lang sila, di man sila gadebate gid. It would be a practice in futility para sa ila coz klaro na gid!
      Yes there’s truth as regards Phase II & III of the Esplanade. May mga press releases na. But for me dapat anay pagguwapuhon pa gid ang Esplanade I, yung talagang box-office antes ang II kg III.
      As compared sa blessing and ribbon-cutting last Saturday AM, sus nag-doble gid iya ang tawo sa Esplanade in the PM and until almost midnight.
      Thanks Vic. More Power..God Bless!
      Puno man tawo kahapon Sunday, para na rin siyang Luneta Park. Gadamo na vendors sa labasan at Diversion.
      Hehehehe gusto man kumita ang aton mga kasimanwa.

  • LifeSaver says:

    Future Condominium projects to rise in Iloilo City!!!!

    Landheights (Iloilo) Dev’t Corp. extended into a sister company Doña Ana Ros Realty Corporation, which will be in charge of their future condominium projects. So far, they have three condominium projects lined up, a 5-storey building in Jaro and 8-storey building in Timawa and Muelle.

    Good news indeed for Iloilo City real estate sector.

    Link here: http://thedailyguardian.net/index.php/life-style

  • HURRY_ILOILO says:

    In those times the central market and even the terminal market were the center of commerce but now this no longer holds true … with Iloilo City becoming a Highly Urbanized City.
    Also In Manila, they are not keen anymore of redeveloping their central and Quinta markets as lots of modern supermarkets are now selling dried fish to veggies, fish meat etc.etc. in an airconditioned setting.such as Puregolds.
    The Iloilo Central Market is dilapidating and it made the once busy Guanco and Aldeguer streets devoid of shoppers and rendered commercial inactivity in that area.
    What Im driving at, the proposed central market redevelopment, yes, needs investors to go on with its plan for redevelopment but seemed there’s no interested investors(?) the result of the forum made by the city govt. is pending last Aug. 13.
    And here’s a veritable investors, the SM Prime Holdings willing to buy the whole market area to build their second supermall in the city but the city govt. seemed ambivalent. With SM in that area a sureball to make our city looked really a Queen City and SM has been a great factor for development in a city.
    So ano pa guinahulat naton, SM is willing to help relocate our central market with the art deco intact.

  • lilo'ta says:

    One could just imagine if the ORIGINAL RICHES and of families of the country and in ILOILO stayed foot to go on improving with their international trades and local economies?
    Thence, Iloilo was SPEARHEADING IN ALL ASPECTS OF LIVING and always having the FIRSTS in every detail and in their relentless quest of modern-day comforts and amenities in the whole Philippines that’s why they were (legally) declared by Congress as THE ORIGINAL QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH! The Province and City of Iloilo were the MOST POPULOUS but then saan nag-migrate ang mga Ilonggo?
    Had it not, ILOILO could have rivalled the NCR and Cebu still a poor second to ILOILO.
    But then again, there’s no use crying over spilled milk, they would say.

  • Vic says:

    HURRY_ILOILO yep yep . I saw the crowd last Saturday afternoon and seemingly everyone feels good about their new found santuary for relaxation. Vendors are the one that keep the society and keep the commerce alive. They make things easy for us about food to eat and stuff. About the threat , I guess at this moment my feet is not yet on the ground , regards 🙂

  • Vic says:

    @HURRY_ILOILO you are correct , nag doble ang tawu nga nagabisita sa Esplanade , I wish there should be coffee shops to be put up in there. its perfect place and also restobars . They should also provide a Free Public Wifi . The trash can looks cheap and an eye-sore yet its meant to be that way. Expensive one can be a good value for the theives.

  • garsok.com says:

    hala bira iloilo….. uswag iloilo!!!

  • Ice says:

    An ilonggo in vancouver: salamat gd to mr. segador for this article. wala ko pa nabasa tanan pero nami gd kaayo to read about Iloilo’s development. Please keep them coming. Hdlaw nako Iloilo!!

  • dens says:

    Mark, wala na update for august or september? May 31 pa ni ang last mo nga article. Thanks

    • Mark Segador says:

      hi dens! yep, medyo nagdugay ko mag update. hopefully soon makapost na ko. damo na projects ang napost previously ang nearing completion or in full swing na gd. will keep you updated soon!

  • Vic says:

    construction apparently slowed down , there’s on going construction everywhere that can be incorporated for May 31 , 2012 are newly renovated Bus Station in Camalig , new access road in Tacas Jaro . They can be almost complete before the year ends . Terminal in Central Iloilo needs to be renovated, it looks cheap and dirty. Toilet stinks . I know Government had enough money to make it looks Class. it’s also very crowded

    • dens says:

      Thanks Mark. Im overseas and i miss iloilo na. para updated man ako sang gakatabo dira sa hometown ko. can u also post what’s new sa sm city, rob and other malls? anything new sa plazuela, ayala technohub, sv etc…. and more….. thanks

  • garsok.com says:

    hey mark! gud day!…nabasa ko mga updates u about sa infra/ developments sa pinalangga ta nga ciudad kg provincia nga iloilo. d best ka tlaga. salamat sa mga infos. mark anu pa kaya ang mga pinakalatest na updates sa projects sa iloilo?…ung mga super/mega infras? tnx…hala bira iloilo. my city my pride. d’ ORIGINAL QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH! uswag ILOILO!!!

  • Al says:

    I’m excited to see Mark’s post every day. By the time I get home from abroad next year, I’d probably have a hard time recognizing Iloilo as it once was 3 years ago. Thanks for people who diligently work to serve their countrymen.

  • rosycheeks says:

    @Simonette. If I may add, the leftists wouldn’t allow the Coal Plant in Iloilo, They also don’t want the Iloilo-Guimaras Bridge and now, the Jalaur River Project.
    And they did go to the extent of going to the Jalaur site, that had the PHILVOCS project studied for a long time, brought their 3 scientists daw and afterwards held a big presscon financed lavisly and the following day presto the press releases…
    Magaling din silang gumamit ng media, ‘no!
    And their purpose, intention and logic are as simple as 1+1.

  • Vic says:

    @HURRY_ILOILO , what I am learning is Cebu and Davao has around 4 Billion income while Iloilo is 2 Billion , yet compare to the Land Area of these two places is 5 times as big as Iloilo. When we will be having Megaworld and Gaisano Development and Bridge in Guimaras will materialized , voila! It’s beautiful enough and too many places to go here and jobs to do…. Iloilo is having Rennaissance.

  • patarasak says:

    iloilo soon to be A SKYSCRAPER CITY
    Altogether there are now several infras in iloilo simultaneously U/C…
    injap 21 storey
    imperial hotel 10 storey
    richmonde 12
    medicus 12
    go hotel 6
    iloilo express hotel 8
    uptown place midrise 5
    muelle loney & timawa & tabucan Mandu. condos 5-8
    coming up soon
    3 tower condos unnamed 30 storeys each
    crown regency 5-star 243 rooms 6
    One Front Tower 18
    Ayala Atria 4 towers from 15-20
    Gaisano Center 40
    MW Le Grande Hotel unknown floor
    Condos at Savannah City and Sta. Barbara Township
    With just these coming into realities pronounced na ang Iloilo skyline
    And mind you more infras are yet to be announced…

  • garsok.com says:

    hala bira iloilo…

  • rosycheeks says:

    talks are roaming around that the World’s Longest Zip Line could be from the Guimaras to Iloilo span.
    Take a look, investors, this could be a money-making venture as the desired Iloilo City to Guimaras Bridge remains yet a wishful thinking but with the crisscrossing zip lines between Guimaras and Panay Island could be a temporary solution to the clamor for a bridge. Indeed this could be one of the world’s tourism site.
    With the biggest and A-1 cables around, this project is not remote indeed.
    Mangoes and vehicles, human and animals could be transported via the zip lines.
    Whoaaa, Iloilo City in a different kind of global tourism is in the offing.


    • garsok.com says:

      anu ni dayun gd ni? daw mayo haw!!! excited na!!!

      • paiburong says:

        may nagmuno lang sinang zip line but you see grabeee ang mga development news para gid sa iloilo – power? another coal (bigger that Ingore will break ground sa Concepcion, proj. of Ayala & a. Brown power para sa tanan nga proyekto. ang Sicogon Island idevelop man and labelled as the new paradise after Boracay kag hospital UPMC University Physicians Medical Center(nag-site blessing na kag New Medicus (10 storey), new intl. schools etc. etc. etc. magle-LED light na ang mga poste sa Lilo, matahum-masanag na. Katahum na subong sg Fort San Pedro may GIFT ferry terminal pa nga moderno.gasululod lang tanan kumpletos-rekados for our Beloved City. Ti kulang pa ni nga post ko, indi na ko kaarapal.

      • paiburong says:

        @garsok.com feeling ko miss mo gid katama ang city ta and this I am glad to tell you, with these developments now in Lilo, nakikita na subong, siling sg SSC forumers, ang future what Iloilo would look like. May ara sila nga google map kag ginplastar nila sa mapa ang mga mid and high rise structures some of which are u/c kag ang iban, nagalitib na gid! Ang tanan nga ini sa diversion road vicinities (SM city-Plazuela de Iloilo area).
        Sa old CBD, aside from the ongoing heritage bldgs. restoration matabo na gid ang pedestrianization nga magiging Heritage Park na ining jm basa, aldeguer, guanco asta sa plaza libertad nga ila man irenovate with dancing fountains, part sg Iznart streets.
        Subong u/c ang 10 storey Grand Imperial Hotel, may isa pa ka 4-storey comml. bldg. kag ang guwapo nga 6-storey robinson’s place ext. and go hotel. sa gen. luna ang 5-storey high end nga Uptown Place sg Injap o double dragon properties. sa old CBD sa sagwa lang gawa ang mga high rise bldgs. kay ang mga matag-as sa Diversion, it’s the new CBD with megaworld slowly inching up.
        Just outside the city boundary gapuluka na ang mga residential villages notably savannah city ni Manny Villar, Parc regency, first homes, garden meadows etc. etc.. over at sta. barbara township, may megaworld man
        didto kag damu plano sg mid to high-rise condos and comml. complexes. may ayala man didto ang avida viilage. basta inin savannah city sakup ya ni ang oton, san-miguel pavia, sunod na ang sta. barbara lapit na lang sa airport.
        soon 5-star hotels kag giant convention centers matilindog na gid sa lilo in anticipation of the great things to come.
        Basta may mga bag-o nga philippine developments ara gid ya ang lilo nga gasulod tanan.
        Intl. gateway na gid ang Lilo kag this nov. 8-9 maiden voyage na ang pa-singapore kag hong kong and back kaya kon makapuli ka na biyahe ka anay pa-singapore or hk then lilo, o ti kundi dire-diretso ka na gid.
        unta mabuhinan man kamingawon mo sa Lilo, ah!

        • paiburong says:

          to add, may 10 countries na ang interesado nga magbutang flights sa lilo and our intl. airport is now the 4th busiest in the country with massive expansion due cos wala pa gani mag-abot ang timetable nalagpasan na sg airport ta ang no. of passengers expected.
          so cheer!

  • rosycheeks says:

    Ah let me rehash things, afterwards that I wrote the above, that may sound already a fleet of cable cars.
    My felicitations! Felicitations?
    So why not cable cars services from Guimaras to Iloilo!

  • Tadeo says:

    the other city seem to enjoy the mall era in their area. Let it be as they are a decade behind when Iloilo City now is prospecting condos after condos, and would love to see their city, a skyscraper city.
    This is the glaring facts that separates the two cities.

  • Vic says:

    Are the leaders key to progress?—
    They can either make or break a city. They can well-managed or mismanaged. The one who determine the domestic product are the working people and collectively making government funds into a fatcats. Government could either use the money for making more money ( investing) or to squander those money left and right ( mismanagement) without creating jobs or making increased in revenue or economic growth.
    A state is created by the labor force… they are the most valuable asset. Without them , the state will necessarily crashed. The rule of the government is to destribute this collected taxes into every citizens so there will be even destribution , that can be through ” poverty alleviation policies” such as welfares , medicare , free tuition for college , creating jobs and so on. A good perspective is not seing here luxurious hotels around , but everyone has equal rights to national wealth in which the government have had enough money to feed every single person of every single day .

  • OLIOLI (ILOILO) says:

    Grabe ang biggest dam outside of Luzon nga ipahimo sa CALINOG. 11.2 Billion ang bili kag 17,000 workers ang kinanglan para matapos. WoW Im Proud TO be ILLONGO.

  • Tadeo says:

    If Iloilo is aiming to be the Premiere City of the South in 2015, BAM, it would welcome all infra developments including 20 or so Luxurious Hotels in the city.
    And if the city wants to dwindle in archaic system like alms-giving, doleouts for the poor, then BAM, let’s become an isolationists.

  • Tadeo says:

    c/o Sir Mark Segador (pakipalab-ot lang).
    (comment withheld)

    • Mark Segador says:

      Hi Tadeo, I already forwarded this message at SSC. rest assured we already know who are these people. the group is already taking actions to prevent this. =)

      • Tadeo says:

        Thanks gid Sir Mark Segador.
        happy na gid mga Ilonggo subong kay dayon na ang Central Market (and its vicinities) Revitalization Project. We once wished here that mas maayo nga ibaligya na lang ina sa SM but now under na na sa PPP project with SM and Ayala bidding.
        Wala ang Robinson’s sa bidding but I guess may sarili na silang Kingdom and is expanding sa Old CBD.
        As the SSC forumers chorusely said, may the best proposal wins!
        Thank you and God Bless!

  • paiburong says:

    Dalagkuan gid man projects sa Lilo, naiinip na ko, amo na siguro nga daw kadugay kay ginasundan gid naton ang lakat.
    Take the case of Ayala, they have this Avida somewhere in Sta. Barbara then may Atria Towers pa sila kg mga Superblocks sa Kapideco then naga-bid man sila sa old CBD revitalization.
    Another ang Double Dragon, 2 man, simultaneous ang obrahay sa Gen. Luna kag Diversion, may GIFT pa sila sa Fort San Pedro.
    Another pa gid, Megaworld may Sta. Barbara Townships kg IBP sa old airport.
    Indi magpapierde ang Gaisano, ka-renovate lang nila sg Lapaz G-Capital kag Guanco, darating na Q4 or Q1 2013 ang sorpresa nila nga Gaisano 15-ha Center, waiting for their final renders nga siling “it’s only in Iloilo”!
    Kag ang bubulaga gid sa Lilo nga ginakunu-kuno maging sentro sg Old CBD ang ginalugaran sg Robinson’s Place Extension & Go Hotels. Fronting the RPI and on its left side, mukhang may gagawin sila jan nga mga condos or what just like in Cebu.
    Sa mga wala pa kabalo, ining SM kag Robinson’s indi lang mall ina ang ila kungdi towr condos pati.
    So konting wait pa tayong mga Ilonggo, ah! Much as we wanted our city to become the PREMIERE!

  • Tadeo says:

    To Sir Mark
    (comment held upon request)
    Thank you gid Sir Mark.

  • dens says:

    Hi Mark,

    When will you release your latest update? October 2012? 🙂

  • paiburong says:


  • nia says:

    We are second to Cebu in the visayas region. But, looking at the values in some rankings made by economic experts, the gap is still wide. Need a lot of work to do.

    Cebu is unbeatable right now in almost all aspect but I know Iloilo can catch-up.

  • king&queen says:

    By: Iloilo: Queen City of the South on Friday, May 6, 2011 at 3:25am •
    By: Mark Timothy J. Libunao

    Many people are getting it wrong:

    The QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH title was not vested by the Queen Regent of Spain to Iloilo but was crafted by the American administrators of Iloilo in the early 1900’s.

    It was the LA MUY LEAL Y NOBLE CIUDAD DE ILOILO that was given by the Queen in recognition of Iloilo’s loyalty to the Spanish crown.

    The QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH title is a moniker that originated from the several evolutions of the said title that was used to describe Iloilo.

    It started out as QUEEN REGENT’S CITY IN THE SOUTH to denote that Iloilo was, first and foremost, the Queen’s most favorite city in the Philippines.

    The word REGENT was taken out unintentionally in the course of the usage because it only made transactions and official communications difficult. Hence the evolved title QUEEN’S CITY IN THE SOUTH… again to emphasize that Iloilo was once the Queen’s pet city during the Spanish occupation.

    The presence of the Americans in Iloilo from 1901 up to the last months of 1941 even made Iloilo a flourishing city that is why Iloilo’s township status (which was drafted by the Americans in 1901 eventhough Iloilo was already declared a city in 1890 by a royal decree and again through the Bacura Law in 1893) was again reverted into a city with a charter in 1937. The presence of the British fellow Nicolas Loney in Iloilo even elevated the city’s economy after the Panay Railways was built in 1912 to ease out sugarcane transport. ILOILO was, literally, the only city known in the Philippines second to Manila with all important government transactions channeling only between the two of them.

    With ILOILO’s HISTORICAL, CULTURAL, POLITICAL, ACADEMIC AND ECONOMIC IMPORTANCE… the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH title was born through the efforts of the American officials in Iloilo and was favored by the Ilonggos and accepted by the entire world…. a title which was even officially declared during the cityhood ceremonies of Iloilo in 1937…….. a title that represents a mix of royal, historical, political, academic and economic background.

    The title QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH is related to the original title (LA MUY LEAL Y NOBLE CIUDAD DE ILOILO) given by the Queen but they are not the same.

    The LA MUY LEAL Y NOBLE CIUDAD DE ILOILO is all about Iloilo’s loyalty to Spain but the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH title is all about Iloilo’s historical, cultural, political, educational and economic importance.

    AGAIN, Iloilo may have a SLOWDOWN in the political and economic aspects in the past years but all of the criteria that made Iloilo the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH was never lost but in-fact even fortified… and the two aspects (economy and politics) that were formerly slow were never lost and are now as strong as ever.

    So the title was never lost, discarded nor given away, it was just taken aside. Unfortunately, someone took advantage of it and used it for herself but Ilonggos need not to worry because ILOILO’s CROWNING GLORY IS NOT JUST THE MATERIAL CROWN OF PROGRESS BUT HER CITIZENRY, THE ILONGGOS AND THE GENUINE ESSENCE OF HISTORY THAT BARED IT ALL.

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    Iloilo’s Firsts
    1. Iloilo is site of the Malayan landing in the Philippines, according to the Maragtas Legend.
    2. The first school for boys in the Philippines was founded in Tigbauan by the famous Jesuit priest and historian, Pedro Chirino in 1592.
    3. The first [lace to put up a Christian church in the Philippines was Jalaud (Dumangas) in what is now the barangay of Ermita, in 1566.
    4. Iloilo is the first city outside Manila to have a foreign business house (Loney & Co.) and the first foreign Vice-consul.
    5. The first province to export sugar to Australia.
    6. The only province to have two cities during the Spanish time: Iloilo City, chartered in 1890, and Jaro in 1891.
    7. The biggest province in the Philippines in population, income and economic production during the 19th century.
    8. The best and biggest producer of textile during the Spanish era.
    9. The first city outside Manila to have electricity, telephone, telegraph, railway, ice plant, automobile and other modern conveniences.
    10. The first province outside Luzon to fly the Philippine National Flag (in Sta. Barbara, Nov. 17, 1898)
    11. The first department store in the country. Hoskyn & Co., established in 1877.
    12. The first city outside Manila to have direct shipping lines with Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Europe and America.
    13. The first commercial airline in the country was the Iloilo Negros Air Express Co. (INAEC).
    14. The first Philippine airline established after World War II was organized by Ilonggos… the FEATI.
    15. The first provincial high school in the Philippines…Iloilo National High School.
    16. The first Elementary School established under the Americans – Baluarte Elemenetary School in Molo.
    17. The first protestant barrio in the country – Calvario – Janiauy.
    18. The first Baptist Church in the Philippines – Jaro Evangelical Church.
    19. The first luxury liner in the island – S/S Don Esteban of the De la Rama Line.
    20. The first city to have double – decked buses.
    21. The first concrete road in the country – from Forbes Bridge to Jaro Plaza.
    22. The first city to have a car assembly plant – Taller Visayas de Strachan & McMurray. The car assembled was the “Dealer” in the 1920’s.
    23. The first province to produce many millionaires and the first city to have a millionaire’s row.
    24. The first Filipino to launch the propaganda movement in Spain, Graciano Lopez Jaena of Jaro also known as the greatest orator the Philippines aver produced.
    25. The only Filipino nominated to the Supreme Court of Cuba – Raymundo Melliza.
    26. The first Filipino to fly an airplane for passengers was an Ilonggo – Jose Tinsay in 1925.
    27. The first doctor of laws from Oxford University – Melquiades Gamboa.
    28. The first doctor of philosophy in political Science – Victorino Diamonon.
    29. The first Filipino doctor of Education – Pedro E. Y Rio.
    30. The first Filipino woman doctor of Philosophy in Engineering – Josette Garcia Portigo.
    31. The first Filipino doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology – F. Landa Jocano.
    32. The first Filipino to win the Congressional Medal of Honor during the WWII – Captain Jose Calugas of Leon.
    33. The first Filipino soldier in the American Army to win medals of Heroism & Courage from the governments of United States, Belgium & France during thye WWII – Sgt. Ramon Subejano of New Lucena.
    34. The first Filipino girl to be called the fastest woman in Asia – Inocencia Solis of New Lucena.
    35. The first most-be-medaled Filipino girl swimmer – Nancy Deano of Dingle.
    36. The first filipino international chess grandmaster – Eugene Torre of La Paz.
    37. The first community school movement originated by Supt. Jose V. Aguilar.
    38. The best organized guerilla unit during World War II under Gen. Mariano Peralta.
    39. The first guerilla unit to contact, by radio, Gen. Douglas MacArthur and President Quezon during World War II.
    40. The first Filipino lady twin a cultural heritage award – Magdalena Jalandoni of Jaro.
    41. The first Filipino feminist – Pura Villanueva Kalaw.
    42. The first bookstore and printing shop in the Visayas and Mindanao – Libreria la Panayana.
    43. The first modern and most beautiful custom house in the country.
    44. The first government constructed museum building in the Philippines – Museo Iloilo.
    45. The first city to have modern cinema houses and theatres outside Manila.
    46. The first gravity irrigation system outside Luzon – Sta. Barbara Irrigation System.
    47. The first successful compact farm in the country – Tagsing Buyo, Sta. Barbara.
    48. The only province to have an anti-biotic drug named after it – Ilozone and Ilotycin which are brands of erythromycin, a wonder drug developed from a soil sample from Iloilo.
    49. The first province to be declared a model in development planning by NEC/USAID.
    50. The number one food-producing province of the Philippines today.
    51. The first and only town in the Philippines to produce four justices of the Supreme Court, seven senators, seven governors, and seven cabinet members.
    52. The site of the first international research center in the fishing industry, the SEAFDEC in Tigbauan.
    53. The biggest public school division in the country is the Division of Iloilo.
    54. The first City, which initiated a free education program in the elementary schools by eliminating the matriculation fees and providing free school supplies and the elimination of tuition fees in public secondary schools.
    55. The First Philippine INTERNATIONAL RIVER SUMMIT was held Iloilo City in May 30- June 1, 2012.

    • QUEEN CITY of the SOUTH
    • CITY of LOVE
    • FIRST/ PIONEER CITY of the Philippines
    • FOOTBALL CAPITAL of the Philippines
    • ALASKA of the Philippines
    • VENICE of the Philippines
    • FOOD BASKET CAPITAL of the Philippines
    • MUSEUM CITY of the Philippines
    • ROYAL CITY of the Philippines
    • QUEEN’S CITY of the Philippines
    • PREMIER CITY (by 2015) of the Philippines
    • FESTIVAL CAPITAL of the Philippines
    • MOTHER FESTIVAL (Dinagyang (Iloilo) / Ati-atihan (Kalibo)) of the Philippines
    • QUEEN FESTIVAL of the Philippines
    • BEST TOURISM EVENT (DINAGYANG Festival) of the Philippines
    • BEST SPORT TOURISM EVENT (PARAW REGATTA Festival) of the Philippines
    • THE MOST LOYAL & NOBLE CITY of the Philippines

    Noi Chavez Bravo Sir Tim!!! Viva ILOILO! Hail the One, the ORIGINAL and the ONLY Queen City of the South!
    May 6, 2011 at 8:34am • Like • 109

    Celia Densing-cabigona Rodriguez yeah..!! ILOILO is the queen city of the south.. Like no other..))^-^
    May 6, 2011 at 9:09am • Like • 93

    Noi Chavez It’s CRYSTAL CLEAR… like no other!
    May 6, 2011 at 9:10am • Like • 1709

    Iloilo: Queen City of the South YEAH…. ILOILO… like no other! haha
    May 6, 2011 at 11:33am • Like • 109

    Noi Chavez Viva ILOILO! Hail the Queen City of the South!
    May 6, 2011 at 6:10pm •Like • 666

    Christopher Cameros yah!…. ILOILO is the original QUEEN CITY of the SOUTH…nobody can take it away…long live ILOILO!!
    May 6, 2011 at 6:38pm •Like • 2346

    Noi Chavez The ONE, the ONLY, the ORIGINAL Queen City of the SOuth — ILOILO!!!
    May 6, 2011 at 7:07pm •Like • 861

    Celia Densing-cabigona Rodriguez yeah..!! I’m back.,ILOILO:queen city of the south is back===>)
    May 6, 2011 at 7:14pm • Like • 191

    Vince Cercado Viva Iloilo!!

    IloiloQUEENCity ADELANTE Iloilo!!! The ONE, the ONLY, the PIONEER, the GENUINE and the ORIGINAL Queen City of the South… Nobody can take it away…Long Live ILOILO!!!
    Since, 1889/1890 & 1893 & 1937 at 00:01am• Like • 1,170,071

    Iloilo STALLION FC Go STALLION FC!!! Forward Iloilo!!!
    May 6, 2011 at 8:07pm •Like • 1261

    We are FUNtastic Philippines
    FUNtastic ILOILO!!! Viva Iloilo!!! #iloilocityphilippines/

    FUNtastic Philippines!
    January 18 – 27, 2013

    We are FUNtastic Philippines
    DINAGYANG Festival in Iloilo City is the best and the most exciting thing in the entire Country…We would love to visit next year to take some images and to share to the whole world the beauty of Iloilo not only that but also the City of Love itself the stunning Landscape, Sunset, Churches and the Antique houses. Please see our Main site for more images of the Philippines and information. We are FUNtastic Philippines! Viva Senior Sto. Nino.

    FUNtastic Philippines!
    • We Are FUNtastic Philippines! is a group of fun-loving Filipinos living worldwide assisted by friends from different countries whose primary objective is to showcase the beauty of the Philippines and …
    • 57,682 members • Join Group
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    I Love ILOILO Philippines!
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  • ROSELYN JAY says:

    As you can read/see in the above, ILOILO was the financial pioneer and of modernity in the Visayas reason why we should give our respect to that, and why it is rightfully called the ORIGINAL QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH!
    btw, iloilo SSC FORUMER are encouraged, should never fail to incorporate the TAGLINE: ORIGINAL QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH, on each and every thread and henceforth!
    Thank You!!!

  • ROSELYN JAY says:


  • I am the TRUE QUEEN says:


  • Iloilo City is becoming Famous and well known.It will more become known as a “CITY OF LOVE” if there is statue of the goddess of Love Aphrodite and Cupid, a Place or leisure area….to promote Iloilo as the Asia’s next destination for tourist Lover’s…

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